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When your tax needs go beyond quarterly or yearly compliance, Mueller Prost is there to help you find your way. We take a holistic view of your industry and business to help you plan around the constantly changing tax code.

Our team has decades of experience helping organizations like yours minimize tax liability, even in the face of ever-increasing complexity. Our deep industry knowledge, combined with experience in the intricacies of key tax savings opportunities, can enable you to take advantage of every opportunity to minimize your tax liability and reinvest in your business.

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Areas of Focus

Cost Segregation Studies

You may be able to increase your cash flow by accelerating depreciation deductions. We will walk you through the steps to see if your situation qualifies.

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Research and Experimentation Tax Credits

We can help you capture this valuable credit, rewarding your investments in innovation, product development and process improvement. We help both proprietary product and customer manufacturers claim federal and state research credits.

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State and Local Tax (SALT)

The Mueller Prost State and Local Tax (SALT) team has experience helping businesses across almost all 50 states, including multi-state operations. Our expertise can help you reduce income and franchise taxes, sales and use, employment taxes and more.

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Tax Compliance and Consulting

We take a year-round approach to your business and help minimize the impact of taxes to your bottom line. Not only do we focus heavily on U.S. tax liabilities, but we can help you develop a proactive strategy to manage any international liabilities as well.

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Tax Credits and Incentives

We bring deep technical expertise to help you navigate the intricacies of key tax-saving opportunities, including: Federal Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC), Research and Experimentation Tax Credits (R&D), Energy Efficiency Tax Incentives 179D and 49L, Real Estate Tax Incentives, Export Incentives (IC-DISC) and Qualified Opportunity Zones.

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Succession and Estate Planning

As you look to sell or exit your business, we’ll help you understand the financial implications to your family and employees, and create a plan to help you protect their interests and yours.


“You have no idea how reassuring it was to have someone with whom I felt so comfortable. I knew you were really working for my best interest. Your advice and hard work was greatly appreciated.”

Owner of a $1 Million Animal Services Organization

“Your firm has taken the “headache” out of any and all of our accounting phases. We can do as much or as little “in house” and they are extremely supportive. They are also very prompt to respond to any of our questions.”

Debbie Schmucker