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Supply Chain Optimization

Effectively managing your supply chain can be a daunting task. Mueller Prost can provide the supply chain guidance you need to drive your supply chain to the next level.

Our supply chain optimization services can help you in four key areas:

  • Increasing cash flow;
  • Creating a foundation for growth;
  • Establishing a competitive advantage; and
  • Increasing your company’s value.

We work collaboratively with an external partner to review your supply chain practices and determine opportunities for cost reductions and improved efficiencies.


We specialize in the following areas:


The first step to supply chain optimization is to conduct an in-depth data analysis into your business’ supply chain practices.  We evaluate contract terms, pricing policies, market benchmarks, technology deployment, and market trends.  By looking at the company’s supply chain practices top down, extending into relative industry markets, we can deliver a customized roadmap and cost savings target that can help bring your operation to the next level.


The team at Mueller Prost collaborates with your management team to implement the opportunities for cost savings identified during the analysis phase.  We can not only help you to harness your buying power across multiple geographies or operations, but also negotiate more advantageous contract terms with your key suppliers.


We help to support long term cost savings by developing with your team KPI dashboards to monitor progress, recommend opportunities for improvement in your management operating systems, and provide training to achieve sustainable results.

Key areas of focus: 

  • Cost reduction strategies
  • Data analytics
  • Pricing benchmarks
  • Supplier management
  • Commodity strategies

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