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Life Insurance Appraisal Services

Your life’s circumstances have likely evolved over the years.

Has your life insurance evolved with it?

The situations, needs and goals that were present at the time your original policy was purchased played a significant role in the type of policy and coverage you selected.

Over time, these same situations, needs and goals can deepen, resolve themselves or go in a completely different or unanticipated direction.

Our team at Mueller Prost is here to appraise your current policy and show you how we can enhance and strengthen that policy in order to meet your current needs.

Peer Reviews Services

How we can help

Our team will examine your policy in-depth in order to determine if the policy meets your current needs.

By utilizing a strong awareness of the industry, our team will also compare and contrast your client’s policy with other products that may be better suited for your client’s situation.

The result:

The output of this process is a concise analysis of your current life insurance policy in a single document. The policy appraisal shows:

  • An assessment of your existing life insurance
  • Recommended alternatives to your current coverage (if applicable)
  • A summary of the proposed options

Using straightforward language and practical explanations, our policy appraisals are written so that you will understand what your options are and why they are presented. Designed to protect what matters most: your family and loved ones.

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