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HHS Provider Relief Fund - Estimated Expenses and Lost Revenue Tool

The Provider Relief Fund supports healthcare providers in the battle against COVID-19. Through the CARES Act and PPP Funding, the federal government has allocated $175 billion in payments distributed to providers in need. All recipients of these funds are required to comply with reporting requirements as issued by the Health and Human Services.

HHS will require recipients to submit future reports relating to their use of these funds – which can be very complex and intimidating to keep track of.

Although HHS has delayed the reporting timeline and they have given no indication on the new deadline for reporting, we can assist you in tracking your estimated costs and help to ensure you’re prepared for all reporting documentation. Now is the time to utilize our proprietary estimator tool to gain a better understanding of Provider Relief Funds used so far, what you may be able to claim for lost revenue, and to understand the Provider Relief Funds that you can use through 06/30/2021.

Please view this video for the latest information on HHS reporting and to learn more about our estimator tool.


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Our proprietary estimator tool has been developed for your convenience based on the HHS FAQ's currently available. Please use this file to assist in determining your estimated “COVID related” expenses, lost revenues, what of HHS money is left to be spent, or may be required to return next year.

Note, in support of our healthcare clients, we are donating our time in creating this tool for you. We know your time is valuable, and there is a lot of data entry necessary and analysis to complete it. But no need to worry, we are here to help! Our team has developed further resources beyond this initial tool to help with capturing appropriate data and performing necessary analytics. At a nominal cost to you, we can perform the calculation, analyze outliers, and provide you with consulting time to prepare for next year's reporting requirements.*

Please view this video for more details on the tool and instructions on how to complete.
Obtain the complementary estimator tool.
  • The rules, regulations and guidance related the creation of this form and are governed by federal regulations. Such federal regulations are subject to change, and therefore, may affect advice provided by us as part of this form. These effects may be material. You are responsible for understanding all Health and Human Services forgiveness requirements and restrictions applicable to your Provider Relief Funds.

    You agree that you will not, and are not entitled to rely upon, any advice unless it is provided in writing. We cannot guarantee whether any amount of your Provider Relief Fund will be approved for forgiveness. You agree to hold us harmless from any and all claims arising from or related to the acceptance and approval of the forgiveness application due to Mueller Prost LC’s good faith completion of services described in this Agreement.


    You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Mueller Prost, LC any of its partners, principals, shareholders, officers, directors, members, employees, agents or assigns with respect to any and all claims made by third parties arising from this engagement, regardless of the nature of the claim, and including the negligence of any party, excepting claims arising from the gross negligence or intentional acts of the Mueller Prost, LC.

*As of December 22, 2020, the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021, released revisions to the lost revenue calculation. This revision is not taken into account into this Free Tool.  We are revising the Tool internally and working with those clients who have contracted Mueller Prost to help with the tool. The Tool continues to be an excellent basis of understanding in calculating the usage of expenses for HHS as the payer of last resort. Please contact us to help with the calculation and any questions you might have.

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