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Phase 3 General Distribution Portal Now Open

Tiffany Karlin

October 05, 2020

In follow-up to our previous alert, the Phase 3 Application Portal is now open. Click here to access the portal.

Similar to the application process for Phase 2 funding, the following information necessary to apply:

  • 1. TIN Info:
    • Provider registers in portal and enters TIN
    • Recognized TINs will be automatically validated and the provider may re-enter portal to complete application.
      • This includes:
        • TINs from a state-provided 3rd party list
        • TINs that were previously verified in prior PRF distributions
        • Unrecognized TINs will go through a three-step validation process. Please allow four weeks for TIN validation.
          • HHS shares unrecognized provider TINs with 3rd party validators, including Medicaid / CHIP agencies, dental organizations, national provider organizations, etc. (7-10 business days)
          • Validator reviews applicant information for eligibility (e.g. actively in practice, in good standing, etc.) and shares results with HRSA (7-10 business days*) *Assumes validator responds within requested timeframe
          • HRSA accepts determination, updates portal, and notifies applicant they can re-enter portal to apply (3-5 business days)
  • 2. Most recent federal income tax return for 2017, 2018, or 2019, unless exempt
  • 3. Revenue worksheet (if required by Field 15)
  • 4. Operating revenues and expenses from patient care

Info on Patient Care Revenues (Per FAQs from Phase 2 Funding Guidance. Phase 3 FAQs not fully released.)

  • “Patient care” means health care, services and supports, that are provided in a medical setting, at home, or in the community to individuals who may currently have or be at risk for COVID-19. HHS broadly views every patient as a possible case of COVID-19.  Assisted living facilities that are applying for Phase 2 General Distribution Funds may include patient care revenue that supports residents’ nutritional, housing, activities of daily living, and medical needs, including purchased services. 
  • “Operating revenues from patient care” means revenues that represent amounts received for the delivery of health care services directly to patients. Operating revenues from patient care include revenues for patient services delivered and pharmacy revenue derived through the 340B program. This amount should exclude non-patient care revenue such as insurance, retail, or real estate revenues (exception for nursing and assisted living facilities’ real estate revenue where resident fees are allowable); pharmacy revenues 2 (exception when derived through the 340B program); grants or tuition; contractual adjustments from all third party payors; charity care adjustments; bad debt; any gains and/or losses on investments, and any prior Provider Relief Funds received.

Info on Patient Care Expenses (Per FAQs from Phase 2 Funding Guidance. Phase 3 FAQs not fully released.)

  • “Operating expenses from patient care” means the operating expenses incurred as part of the delivery of care, including salaries, benefits, medical supplies, contracted and/or employed physicians, and interest and depreciation on building and equipment used in the provision of patient care. Operating expenses should exclude any non-operating expenses such as costs incurred on any rental property (exception for nursing and assisted living facilities’ real estate costs where resident costs are allowable), contributions made, and gains and/or losses on investments.

Application Instructions

Note: Providers will need to submit a new application, even if they previously submitted revenue details for a prior PRF distribution. The application has been updated to include additional data entries in order to calculate payment based on financial impact of COVID-19.

All PRF distributions will be paid to the Filing or Organizational TIN, and not directly to subsidiary TINs.

As with other payments, all providers may attest to the funds within 90 days of receipt.

Terms and Conditions

Reporting Requirements:  Note that this additional funding will also be required to report per the HHS Reporting Requirements.

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