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Industries angle Manufacturing and Distribution

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Our team consists of manufacturing and distribution experts from all aspects of the industry. We’re business owners. We’ve worked in logistics, engineering, and product development. So, we know first-hand what you’re facing – and how to lead you through it.

Our goal is to help you align your finances to create business solutions and opportunities. We go beyond simple compliance and tax issues – working deep within your business as an extension of your team to help you thrive.

We’re working on all sides of every issue. For example, we advise clients every day on their eligibility for the R&D tax credit. We’re also working with government agencies to improve this incentive for companies like yours.

Our over 270 clients in manufacturing and distribution include:

  • Plastics Processors
  • Mold & Tool Builders
  • Plastics Resins Compounders
  • Dental Laboratories
  • Distributors
  • Food & Beverage Manufacturers
  • Robotic & Automation Integrators
  • Metal Fabrication

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Areas of Focus

Research and Experimentation Tax Credits

We can help you capture this valuable credit, rewarding your investments in innovation, product development and process improvement. We help both proprietary product and customer manufacturers claim federal and state research credits.

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Cost Segregation Studies

We will work with your team to identify construction or plant improvement projects that can be depreciated over shorter depreciable lives – delivering tax benefits directly to you.

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Tax Compliance and Consulting

Mueller Prost will help you look beyond simple compliance toward year-round strategic planning that delivers real benefits to your bottom line.

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Federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

We bring deep technical expertise to help you navigate the intricacies of key tax-saving opportunities and can help review your hiring practices to determine the credit amount for each qualified new hire.

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Supply Chain Optimization

Effectively managing your supply chain can be a daunting task. We can provide the supply chain guidance you need to drive your supply chain to the next level and transform your overall performance.

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Tax Credits and Incentives

Numerous provisions of the IRC provide for tax credits or incentives with the potential to reduce or eliminate a taxpayer’s Federal income tax liability. We can help identify the potential amount of tax credits and where to make these claims.

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New Accounting Methods

Could new accounting methods – made possible by tax reform – benefit your business? We’ll study your business and give you a plan for the future.


Manufacturing CPAs

Missouri Association of Manufacturers

Support Plastics USA

Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry

American Mold Builders Association

Manufacturers Association for Plastics Processors

Foil & Specialty Effects Association

Plastics Industry Association

National Association of Dental Laboratories


CNC Group: A National Alliance of Dental Laboratories

Craft Brewers Association

Missouri Restaurant Association

California Craft Brewers Association


“I have found working with Mueller Prost to be a very rewarding experience. They are thorough, thoughtful, consummate professionals who bring a strong understanding of manufacturing to their tax work. I recommend them without reservation.”

Tom Duffey

Former Owner, Plastic Components, Inc.

“We worked closely with Mike and his team to claim a sizeable R&D tax credit for the cutting-edge research and innovative mold fabrication projects that we completed for our customers, spanning a four-year timeframe. This credit facilitated the growth of our company and team. Mike and his team were invaluable to the success of our engagement.”

Philip Katen

President & General Manager, Plastikos

“Mueller Prost truly understands what we do. ”

Larry Weiss

35 Year Dental Lab Veteran