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COVID-19 Tracking Expenses Guidance

Tiffany Karlin

March 30, 2020

Mueller Prost Healthcare Reimbursement Professionals are participating on State Healthcare Association emergency committees to identify what will show “real data” as to the increase costs to post-acute providers associated with COVID-19.  

As many states and federal agencies will be looking to distribute additional grants and funding to aide in increased expenses associated with COVID-19,  Mueller Prost is issuing a strong recommendation that if you haven’t started already doing so, please create a new general ledger account for all COVID-19 related expenses to your organization.

Some guidance on what to track:

  • Create separate cost centers or other ways to segregate COVID-19 expenses from normal operating expenses.
  • Track staffing related costs, including but not limited to:
    • Contract Labor
    • Overtime
    • Additional staffing to care for higher acuity residents
    • Additional staffing to provide in providing meals in resident rooms
    • Additional staff for infection control procedures
    • Additional security costs and administration costs to enforce screening requirement for staff and visitors
    • Additional wages in the form of “hazard pay” to get people to come to work.
    • Payroll tax and benefit related costs
    • Any additional costs related to staff testing and illness
    • Childcare for workers whose schools have shut down and have nowhere for the children to go during the day.
    • Extended leave pays for workers who get sick or their family gets sick (family leave act).
  • Any purchase order for COVID-19 related items including, but not limited to:
    • Additional over-the-counter medication, Most prescription medications should be covered by healthcare authority
    • Masks, gowns other supplies
    • Cleaning supplies
    • Potential costs when residents/patients pass with no family available
    • Additional costs in getting everyday supplies
    • Additional costs for staff related meals for staff that are unable to leave the facility
    • Communications related costs
    • Additional costs for not being able to enter home to provide care
  • Medically necessary clinical diagnostic laboratory tests
  • Infection control related citations and fines.
  • Increased re-hospitalization penalties
  • Additional hospital visits that may lower the quality score

Maintain all supporting documentation as appropriate to the underlying costs above (payrolls, checks, invoices and contracts).

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