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California Employment Training Program

Tiffany Karlin

July 08, 2020

The State of California Employment Training Program (ETP) has announced a COIVD-19 special pilot program to support the training needs of employers designated as “essential industries” during the COVID-19 pandemic.        

ETP will give expedited priority processing for eligibility determinations and development for:

  • MEC, Single Employer Small Businesses,
  • NAICS industries identified as critical and essential,
  • Managers and supervisors are excluded from this program,
  • $30 million allocated for COVID-19 response, and
  • COVID Rapid Reemployment and Retraining Pilot.

GOAL – Increase access to healthcare and food supply chain industries and all industries that are critical to reopening of the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Focus on New Hire training and Job Creation Retraining.
  • Reimbursement is $2,000 per trainee for 4 hours of training.
  • Pilot projects will be capped at $200,000 or the equivalent of 100 employees.

COVID-19 Rapid Reemployment and Retraining Pilot NAICS schedule:

These industries are considered for COVID-19 Rapid Reemployment and Retraining – remember reimbursement to the employer is $2,000 per rehired or new hire employee.

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