Webinar: Tax Reform's Impact on Manufacturers

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Start Time:9:00 AM
End Time:10:30 AM
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Webinar - Tax Reforms Impact on Manufacturers
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) overhauled the U.S. tax code, changing numerous tax code provisions important to the manufacturing sector. Mueller Prost is presenting a webinar covering the provisions having the most impact on manufacturers.

Attendees will learn about the changes to the tax laws governing their business, as well as the following topics:

  • The increased value of the R&D tax credit;
  • New methods of accounting available to manufacturers;
  • The elimination of the corporate Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT);
  • 100% bonus depreciation on capital expenditures and increased §179;
  • New limitations on deducting interest expense and entertainment; and
  • Much more.

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