BeSEEN - Mueller Prost's Women's Leadership Group

Who: The female employees of Mueller Prost.

What: Events, training, collaboration meetings, social activities, mentoring, and networking, focused around developing leadership skills.

Mission: The mission of Mueller Prost’s BeSEEN is for the women in our firm to strengthen, educate, empower and network with one another for professional development and firm betterment.

Role: Mueller Prost’s BeSEEN serves as a catalyst to build female leadership within the firm though networking, education, mentoring, and training opportunities.  Further, it will serve as a forum to voice ideas and advocate for growth and development within Mueller Prost. BeSEEN will encourage not just retention, but will encourage members to become leaders and strive for a deeper calling within the firm.

The Mueller Prost BeSEEN Women’s Leadership Group will support and enhance the overall vision and strategic efforts of the firm through events and programs with the objective to connectwomen to leadership both within the walls of Mueller Prost and externally, will empower more female leadership within Mueller Prost and inspire women by bringing together a diverse mix talent within the firm.

  • Support growth and development through mentorship.
  • Empower future female leaders of the firm.
  • Enhance the voice of current and future female leaders.
  • Offer a forum to safely and openly share and explore common interests.
  • Inspire personal and professional growth for all female employees of the firm.
  • Increase job satisfaction through engagement.
  • Develop strategies and skills to impact the growth of the firm.
  • Engage in community and charitable outreach.

Events and Programs to Achieve Objectives:
Meetings and events with content targeted toward specific groups of females within our firm, including executives, partners, senior staff, and all staff levels.

BeSEEN activities and programs include the following:

  • Activities:
    • Educational Opportunities
    • Evening Events/Team Building
    • Networking Events
  • Resources:
    • Featured Reading and meet-ups to discuss
    • Mueller Prost Intranet to keep shared information, readings, events
  • Coaching of Future Leaders:
  • Charitable Outreach:
    • Financial support
    • Volunteer opportunities
    • Connections to non-profits for board service opportunities

To learn more about Mueller Prost’s BeSEEN Women's Leadership Group, contact Tiffany Karlin.

To learn more about career opportunities at Mueller Prost, visit our Careers page.


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