Texas Skilled Nursing Facilities:
It May Be Time to Apply/Renew Liability Insurance Coverage

February 20, 2019

House Bill 154, requires the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) to ensure that the TX Medicaid rate for skilled nursing facility "provide for the rate component derived from reported liability insurance costs to be paid only to those homes that purchase liability insurance acceptable to the commission." (Source: https://rad.hhs.texas.gov/long-term-services-supports/nursing-facility-nf)

In compliance with this rule, liability insurance costs within the defined general and administrative Medicaid rate component are excluded and later paid to facilities that verify liability insurance coverage that complies with HHSC.

In order to get this rate add-on, you must apply and renew every year within two weeks prior to the end of your current liability insurance coverage.

Liability Insurance Coverage Rate Add-On
The current rate add-ons for liability insurance are as follows (effective September 1, 2014):

Professional and General (PL/GL) $1.67 per day of service
Professional Only (PL Only) $1.53 per day of service
General Only (GL Only) $0.14 per day of service


To apply or renew, click here.

For a listing of the rate add-on status of the providers listed by contact number, click here.

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