August 2, 2018
  • Exit Planning Strategies: The Role of Nonqualified Retirement Plans | Page 1
    The lead story in this issue looks at the role of nonqualified retirement plans as part of an overall exit planning strategy. Nonqualified plans fall outside of ERISA guidelines so they can be used to maximize benefits for owners, key executives and other highly compensated employees.
  • Words to the Wise: How to Work Best with Your CPA | Page 2
    On Page 2, we discuss how to work best with your CPA. It’s important that the lines of communication stay open between you and your trusted advisors, not just at tax time, but year-round. Feel free to ask your CPA about your business and family decisions — big and small.
  • Boost Efficiency and Profitability: Are You Using These Treasury Management Tools? | Page 3
    On Page 3, we examine how you can increase profitability and boost efficiency by utilizing treasury management tools offered by your bank. The article lists five of the most popular treasury management tools and describes their benefits in detail.
  • Is Outsourced Accounting Right for You? | Page 4
    And on Page 4, we cover the topic of outsourced accounting services. Many businesses benefit from outsourced accounting at different stages of growth. Depending on the company’s needs, these flexible arrangements can range from simple bookkeeping to more strategic CFO services.

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