• Make Energy Efficiency Pay: How Section 179D Deduction Can Benefit Contractors | Page 1
    Our cover story in this issue looks at an often-overlooked tax deduction: Section 179D. This is designed to encourage building owners to install certain energy-saving systems or improvements to their properties. But under certain circumstances, contractors and other building professionals could also be eligible. Turn to page 1 for more details.
  • Succession Planning: Cash Flow Needs Will Drive Your Strategy | Page 2
    On Page 2, we address the issue of succession planning, focusing on some of the cash flow issues that can arise when it’s time pass along a business to new owners. We also look at some alternative strategies that can help address these concerns while streamlining the transition at the same time.
  • Joint Ventures: Pros, Cons and Best Practices | Page 3
    Our Page 3 article looks at another common business challenge in the construction industry: joint ventures. We talk through the pros and cons and point out some important steps you can take to improve the odds of a successful joint project.
  • Skilled Labor Shortage? Try Cross-Training | Page 4
    And on Page 4, we discuss some of the benefits of cross-training your employees in new or related skills. This is often a useful way to overcome a temporary shortage of skilled workers and it offers some other important benefits as well.

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