August 16, 2016
  • IRS Form 990: Is Your Board Onboard? | Page 1 
    While not legally required, it only makes sense that your board knows what is in your organization’s IRS Form 990 before it “goes live” each year. Our lead article, Is Your Board Onboard?, outlines steps for ensuring that your entire board — not just board chairs and executive directors — is confident of what is in your organization’s annual filing.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning for Nonprofits | Page 2
    Preparing for Disruption on Page 2 looks at some common questions nonprofits have about creating a workable disaster recovery plan. Ultimately, nonprofits that are able to get back up and running again sooner are able to help their communities recover more quickly
  • The Dangers of Excess Benefit Transactions | Page 3
    On Page 3, Understanding Excess Benefit Transactions digs into the nitty-gritty of these self-serving transactions — including the fact that nonprofit leaders who “knowingly approve” them can be held personally liable for a penalty tax.
  • Tips for Setting Executive Compensation | Page 4
    We conclude this issue with An Executive Compensation Checkup and five steps for making compensation decisions that pass IRS muster.

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