July 26, 2016
  • Compliance Matters: How to Determine Eligible Compensation | Page 1 
    Our lead article, How to Determine Eligible Compensation, looks at what happens when plans don’t utilize the proper definition of “eligible compensation” when determining salary deferrals, matching contributions and employer discretionary contributions. We’ve included an example of improperly allocated elective deferrals from the IRS.
  • Plan Operations : Keys to Switching Service Providers Painlessly | Page 2
    On Page 2, Plan Operations: Keys to Switching Service Providers Painlessly provides some best practices for switching service providers. Because switching third-party providers can have a ripple effect throughout your plan, it’s a good idea to involve your auditor early in the process — especially prior to any transfer of assets.
  • Best Practices : Take Steps Now to Avoid Compensation Errors | Page 3
    Take Steps Now to Avoid Compensation Errors on Page 3 discusses the need to define the entire range of eligible compensation — from W-2 wages and overtime to bonuses and fringe benefits.
  • A Matter of Record : Why Minutes Matter | Page 4
    Finally, we conclude this issue with A Matter of Record: Why Minutes Matter,and the importance of not only following a prudent process in plan administration, but of also documenting it thoroughly

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