July 29, 2016
  • Indirect Cost Allocation | Page 1 
    You probably keep a close watch on direct project costs such as labor and materials. But how long has it been since you reviewed the formulas you use to allocate indirect job costs such as rent, utilities, taxes and insurance? It’s generally a good idea to review these formulas at least annually. Our cover story offers some useful guidance that can help you develop a rational and systematic approach to this challenging process.
  • Managing for Success | Page 2
    With the pace of business accelerating for many contractors, good cash flow management is more important than ever. Without careful management, rapid growth and fast-mounting project start-up costs can bring the good times to a halt quickly. Our Page 2 story offers some timely advice on how to avoid getting caught in a cash crunch by applying sound cash management practices.
  • Is an IRS Audit in Your Future? | Page 3
    What would you do if you got a notice from the IRS that your company is about to be audited? It’s wise to have a basic understanding of what to do – and more important, what not to do. On Page 3, we offer seven important pointers that can help you be better prepared if the tax man comes calling.
  • Estimating and Bidding Checklist: Five Best Practices | Page 4
    Finally, on Page 4 you’ll find a quick refresher on some important principles to keep in mind as you review your estimating and bidding practices.

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