June 14, 2016
  • How Mid-Levels Can Transform Your Practice | Page 1 
    Our lead article, A Matter of Leverage, looks at how strategic use of mid-level providers can transform your practice. In this era of accountable care, mid-levels can handle increased patient volume while also helping to ensure better outcomes.
  • Protecting Patient Data Is Your Responsibility | Page 2
    An accompanying sidebar, Are You Ready for a Mid-level?, outlines some scenarios in which bringing a non-physician provider onboard may make sense.
  • The Role of Mid-Level Providers | Page 3
    With the profusion of digital data at the practice level, physicians must take a much more involved and vigilant approach to heading off hackers. Our Page 2 article, Protecting Patient Data Is Your Responsibility,provides actionable steps for defending against data thieves trolling for Social Security numbers and credit card information.
  • The Telltale Signs of Fraud | Page 4
    Finally, we conclude this issue with The Telltale Signs of Fraud, which looks at four specific types of employee theft and their distinctive signatures.

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