June 13, 2016
  • The Ins and Outs of Using a Neutral Appraiser | Page 1 
    Our lead article in this edition takes a close look at using a neutral valuation professional in a dispute. The most obvious benefit is financial, but using one appraiser also saves time and can diminish the likelihood of disagreement regarding the valuation.
  • Key Factors Influencing Physician Practice Valuations | Page 2 
    On Page 2, we examine the key factors influencing the value of physician practices. Many self-employed doctors have chosen to sell their practices to hospitals. Reimbursement, competition and technology all play a role in practice value.
  • Buyer Beware: How to Perform Proper Due Diligence | Page 3
    On Page 3, we cover due diligence — perhaps the most important part of a business acquisition. Read this piece to learn more about what to look for during the due diligence process so that you get an in-depth understanding of the quality of the target company’s earnings.
  • Valuation or Calculation: Which Do you Need? | Page 4
    And on Page 4, we discuss the two types of engagements to estimate value — a valuation engagement and a calculation engagement. Which you need depends on several factors., which we detail in this article.

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